Km 65

Graffiti building as we get in Laval, portrait of DJ Jamie.

Portrait of I by DJ Jamie.

Old bicycle path under Hydro lines just before the highway 13.

Architecture of my youth in Laval.

Oka beach where you can live the American beach dream à la québécoise!

DJ Jamie with cheese.

On the ferry leaving Oka.

Ghost town on Vaudreuil.

Yep more condos or Condos galore!

On the train from Vaudreuil heading back to Montreal.

Sunset on avenue du Parc in Montreal.

Dimanche passé, je suis allé en vélo de Montréal jusqu'au Parc national de Oka avec mon bon ami DJ Jamie. J'ai fais quelques photos, ça été un voyage à vélo fantastique. La piste cyclable qui va et qui sort du parc d'Oka est vraiment magnifique. Nous sommes revenus à Montréal le soir même après avoir prit le traversier à Oka et le train à Vaudreil. En tout, on a fait du vélo sur 65 KM.

Prochainement sur le blog, de nouvelles images fantastiques du projet EXPO 67.

Last Sunday I went on a bicycle trip with my friend DJ Jamie. We went from Montreal, to Laval, Deux-Montagnes all the way to Oka national park. Using mostly bicycle paths, we arrived in Laval where the sixties architecture reminded me of my youth in Drummondville. The exact same building popped up. Weird to find this in Laval and have the feeling of going back in time. Next were the mansions of the rich (supposedly, a lot of Hockey players live around there! wich would explain a lot!). Then we crossed into another area where the houses looked abandonned.

Getting close to Deux-Montagnes, the bicycle paths were really nice, parts in the forest where you cycle surrounded by trees. And just like that, we were in Oka park. After an atrociously high trek up a hill which kicked the wind out of our sails (by this point we have been cycling for almost 4 hours), we stopped and then we went downhill till we entered the park and made our way to the beach at Oka.

The park was filled to capacity and then some, there were people everywhere covering every inch of the beach from the family area to the nude beach. Ouf! the Amercian beach experience recreated in Oka. We took the time to go in the water (murky grey). It did cool us down, then we lied on the beach and rested a bit.

We got back on the bicycle trail and went to the city of Oka to take the ferry. That part of the bicycle path was the most beautiful. At the ferry, there were a lot of cars but luckily, we were allowed to pass them all and get on the ferry right away.

In Vaudreuil, we cycled to the train station. There all the land in front of the water were private. The sun was beating down on us and the heat rose from the road. We stopped on a private place just to eat a bit and rest before getting back on the road. After all that nature, the Vaudreuil train station was in one of those desolate stretch of land between highways and shopping malls.

The train ride back to Montreal was nice, it gave use a chance to relax. We ended up on Mt-Royal in Montreal to have a bit to eat. Fun trip, I could have taken a lot more pictures but, we'd still be there! There are a few videos of our trip made by DJ Jamie, check some out if you have the time!

Next posting, back to Expo 67 we some new and amazing pictures!


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