Val Telberg

Here's a short biography of Val Telberg. I first discovered his work in the book House of Incest by Anais Nin. I never forgot his amazing photomontages. For Utopia, I have tried to produce a few images "à la Val Telberg".

Using an original pictures form the eighties, I added snipets and pieces of other old pix to create another kind of portrait.

Val Telberg (Russian, 1910-1995)
Born in Moscow, Val Telberg lived in China, Japan, and Korea during his youth. He studied painting at the Art Student's League, New York, in 1942, where he was exposed to the surrealism movement and experimental filmmaking. To support his painting, Telberg traveled from Florida to Massachusettes, printing photographs of nightclub patrons and working at photographic concession stands where people posed with cutouts of celebrities. In 1945, he returned to New York and produced narrative, surrealist photographs using sandwiched, bleached or burned negatives and double exposure within the camera. His later work evolved to large scale, scroll-like multiple images.

Val Telberg

Val Telberg

Mes versions d'un photomontage à la Val Telberg

Ces deux images furent crées à la Val Telberg, photographe collagiste dont j'ai découvert les oeuvres dans une petite édition d'un livre de Anais Nin, House of Incest. Encore une fois, ces images viennent des années 80. J,ai bien du plaisir à retravailler ces images. Elle représente une autre façon d'aborder le portrait.


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