Simultaneous seing

The blind seer/ visionnaire aveugle, 1996

Souls dancing under the Moon / Âmes qui dansent illuminées pas la Lune, 1996

The Lovers/Les Amants, 1998

One with nature/ Communion avec Nature, 2004

Buddha and Godess/Boudha et la Déesse, 2006

Voici quelques images de mon nouveau livre de photos réalisé sur le site blurb. Ce projet m'a donné l'occasion de digitaliser une centaines d'images sur négatif et de découvrir des photos que je n'avais jamais imprimées à l'époque. Les arcanes mineurs régroupent environ 90 images, fruit d'expérimentations de plusieurs expositions sur le même négatif. Ces images réalisées entre 1996 et 2006 sont les dernières que j'ai photographié à l'ancienne avant de me procurer une caméra digitale. Vous pouvez cliquer sur les titres à droite pour voir un extrait de chaque livre sur blurb.

Here a a few sample images form minor arcana, my latest blurb book. This is my fifth book and my best so far as I begin to master the technology of doing these book. Almost all the origimal negatives have been rescanned. It has enabled me to discover images I had never printed before (I have included a few samples on this blog). The quality of the printed books at blurb are amazing. Granted it is not cheap, but more and more, it is where you will discover and buy amazing and original picture books (more so then at your local Chapters or Indigo). I have included the complete introduction to minor arcana to give you an inkling of the book's content.

Introduction to minor arcana
There is as much magic in photographing with natural light as there is in creating fantastic images in a studio. The camera is a an alchemical tool that transmutes light and imagination into something physical. In 1996 after coming back form India, I was intrigued as to how the type of intuitive street photography that I practiced there could be applied to the creation of surreal mythic images. To tell the truth, I wasn’t interested anymore in working in a photography studio. I sought the simplest way to capture dream imagery that spoke to me in whispers of the mysteries of the soul.

Remembering a striking photo by Harry Callahan (Eleanor, Aix-en-Provence 1958) that was the result of a double exposure, I decided to expose the film inside the camera more than once. Moholy-Nagy calls this type pf photography: simultaneous seing. On the unexposed film, I drew registration marks. I could now expose the frames, rewind the roll and expose it again, stacking layers of different images onto the same original negative. Control over the final result would be impossible and I loved that. After all, this technique is akin to shooting on pure instinct with a dash of chance. When I worked, I had an idea of the final composite image and generally, the results revealed some amazing symmetry and an innate natural equilibrium as different shades of black and white formed into one single harmonious canvas. In certain instances, I felt like an abstract expressionist painter drawing with light and making visible the intangible. The collage aspect inherent in all my work is still there fusing original drawings, actors in makeup, sampled pix and art.

As with my previous book illustrating the Tarot (major arcana, blurb 2011), I continued exploring the Tarot imagery by tackling the minor arcana and creating enough photos to produce a workable Tarot deck. These double and triple exposures were all shot on negative film over a ten year period (from 1996 to 2006). They are the last images I shot on film before switching to digital. To complete the narrative, I included a few older pictures.


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