Antonella doing the cover shoot.


Off to go take pictures


Antonella placing the boys for her cover shoot

Beneath the Met

Perspectives 1 hockey team


Mirkan and Tyson


Since the end of January I have been working with Sarah Adair and her high school class of 10 students at Perspectives 1 in Montreal. We have been going out photographing around the school or staying in (so far shooting models or a fast paced hockey game between students and officers from a nearby police station).

It has been quite a challenge to get them going but they have turned out some fantastic shots. In the end, we will do a book of their best pictures and will launch it at the school.

These are students who have had problems at other schools and Perspectives is their last chance. This will keep me busy till April.

Here are some of my pictures that I took following them around. This is a project funded by ArtsSmarts who believe that artists in school can make a difference in giving students a chance to learn about themselves through art projects.


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