Photos de l'été/ Summer pix

Chelsea, Québec

Kid, teddy bear and man, Cape Cod

Girl and fisherman, Lac du Poisson Blanc, Québec

View from the roof, Cambridge, Massuchusets

Butterflies, Harvard Natural history museum

Dog running at sunset, Cap Cod

Diego and Zorro, Chertsey, Québec

Diego at Lac du Poisson Blanc, Québec

Leaping squeleton, Boston

Heather photographer, Lac du Poisson Blanc, Québec

Monster faces, Montréal

Lost doll in Provincetown, Cape Cod

Heath and D, Boston

He knows, Boston

Red tean fishing, Lac du Poisson Blanc

Sunset and moorise, Lac du Poisson Blanc

Memorial for Gail, Lac du Poisson Blanc

Zorro by the lake, Chertsey, Québec


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