Return to the Valley of Gwangi (1970), Summer collages 6

Final test, mexican squeleton turns greek and Talos is added, 1970
Test still from Return to the Valley of Gwangi, 1970

Lobby card, with version directed by Sergio Leone with alternate title
Recentlly discovered, the original screenplay for Return to the Valley of Gwangi by Rudolph Wurlitzer from a story by Ray Harryhausen. The project was pitched to Sergio Leone who was interested in directing. The story, a mixture between Huichol shamanisn and Edgar Rice Burroughs style of pulp featured an unlickly trio of heroes: a savage woman, a Shaman priest and a living mexican Squeleton all in search of the mystical peyote bud in a valley filled with dinosaurs.

Sadly, the lack of success of The Valley of Gwangi when it came out in 1969 all but killed the project! One can only imagine what a collaboration between Wurlitzer, Harryhausen and Leone would have looked like!


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