Mon ami/My friend Matthew Brown part deux

Matthew Brown in Montreal, June 4 th.

Matthew looking on as my son Diego draws a clone trooper.

Diego studying Matthew's drawing technique as he jams on the theme of Star Wars.

Darth Vader, R2D2, Tie fighters and the death Star in action!

Robodog, skeletons warriors and skeleton elephant.

Diego and Matthew at the cheese shop on Laurier street in Montreal.

A pix of Me and my family by Matthew in front of the old hot dog place.

Matthew posing as a very convincing frenchman with his secret stack of deadly baguettes.

Matthew's conduit to heaven.

This weekend, Matthew came from Toronto to stay at my place, Saturday was the triple TRIP book launch at the Cheval Blanc with Matthew's FEAR ITSELF as one of the books being unveiled in Montreal. We walked around Laurier street, took some pictures, took in a few garage saled and headed home. Matthew jammed with my son Diego, drawing him on the spot a mean Darth Vader. After Matthew left on Sunday morning to head home, I realized I had a ball with him in Montreal. I do not have that many friends that I can talk about Kurt Vonnegut, Philip K. Dick, philosophy, spirituality and just laugh and tell silly jokes. I already miss him! Matthew is a really good person. Anybody that stumbles upon his book will unearth treasures and you can always head to his website full of goodies. I do hope he comes back soon. I truly consider myself blessed to call him my friend.


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