TCAF 2013

The Pilot Tavern: May 11th

  • Saturday, May 11, 2013 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • The Pilot, 2nd Floor - Google Map
  • 22 Cumberland Ave
11am-12pm        Quebecois Comics for an Anglophone Audience
The French-language comics scene in Quebec is doing gangbusters, but in English Canada and the rest of North America, information about this industry and scene is hard to come by. Come on out and get an education in the domestic comics market you might not have known anything about! Featuring Antonin Buisson (creator), Frederic Gauthier (Publisher, La Pastque), Marc Tessier (Publisher, Editions Trip), and moderated by Simon Bossé. Includes a short appreciation of Quebec cartooning legend Albert Chartier, who will be inducted into the Giants of the North Canadian Cartooning Hall of Fame, at the 2013 Doug Wright Awards.

Tibonom and creator Billy Mavreas will debut their book this weekend at TCAF
Off to TCAF in Toronto tomorrow morning. I'm part of a conference there (see text above the picture) on top of premiering our three newest books at table 115. I am going with Rupert Bottenberg, Simon Bossé, Carlos Stantos by car! In TO we will meet up with Matthew Brown, Frédéric Cordier, Billy Mavreas and the TRIP crew!

Come see us this weekend in Toronto, all the authors will be there to sign their newest books!


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